History's Top 5 Longest Wars

Image Credit: Historiana.eu
Carl von Clausewitz, the great military tactician and theorist, often called war the “continuation of politics by another means.” If he was thinking about any of these five wars when he formulated that notion, then Clausewitz had a pretty dim view of the political process. Today we examine some of history’s most protracted conflicts; you might also notice that many of these long wars were nearly pointless in the greater scheme of things. Some wars are brief and violent, but effect change. Some are long and drawn out, but ultimately decisive. Others, like the longest war in history, were pointless.
History's Top 5 Longest Wars

1The Three-Hundred-and-Thirty-Five-Years War

Image Credit: wikimedia.org
This “war,” history’s longest pseudo-conflict, exemplified the antiwar expression, “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.” During the English Civil War, a group of Royalists took refuge on an archipelago of the U.K. named the Isles of Scilly. The Netherlands, allied with Cromwell’s forces, declared war on this breakaway region and dispatched their navy. And that was it. The Dutch navy never attacked, eventually sailing home. That was in 1652. In the year 1986, some ambassadors realized that, ever so technically, a state of war still existed between these close modern allies, and formalized a peace treaty between the U.K. and The Netherlands.Next >

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